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Game is slow doesnt run smoothly. Sometimes lets you control mid air then somtimes doesnt so jumping onto blocks can be an issue. Random barriers placed so character gets stuck or hits them and falls. Level in unplayable once you fall down a gap you cant back out so complete is required. If you dont fall down completing it is still impossible as you cant jump and get yourself onto anything so you may as well play it with your face you will get further.  Cant even land on platforms as she not skip leg day and was able to lift off  .


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Character animates by running and jumping. Character falls into traps as and when they pop up. Physics are buggy to where when the character jumps, the character does not move, making some elements of the game hard to play. For example:

1. "Invisible Wall". Upon jumping whilst moving through the air, the character stops immediately. 
2. Jump Mechanic. Again, when jumping, the character just pauses in the air. This isn't too much of an issue, but it can prevent some elements of gameplay within. 

3. Health bar - When the player dies, the health bar does not reduce at all.